Shawn Eric

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Great Wedding Entertainment is Magic

Couples planning a wedding often grapple with how to
give their guests an extra special experience? The magic of Shawn Eric helps couples, just like you, create amazing memories and experiences.

Why Use Magical Entertainment At Your Wedding?

What Shawn Eric Will Do For You and Your Guests


Let’s start with solving a common wedding problem. What do the guests do after the ceremony, while the family is taking photos? You know, that awkward time when people don’t know what to do and wonder who all the people are.

The beginning of the reception is the perfect time to add intimate wedding entertainment.

What about guests who haven’t met yet? An icebreaker, laughter, and conversation starter can be just the spark needed to bring guests together.

Just something simple, awesome, and memorable to enhance the occasion?

Magical Wedding Entertainment Is Love

Shawn Eric brings people together and entertains them with The Magic of

During the reception, he gives your guests the gifts of magic love, like magical group photos (see Instagram, #photomagicfun). Shawn Eric makes your guests look like magicians themselves and everyone loves the magic they do.

Kisses, hugs, smiles, laughter, and love abound, all brought about by Shawn Eric’s
presence and performance. It’s a magically induced lovefest!

The Big Magical Moment

As a finale to his performance, when the bride & groom take their places at the head table, the guests gather around and Shawn performs a special 5-10 minute effect where the newlyweds make the magic happen.

They are amazed and left with an impossible card as a memento and signature of their love. BTW: This
effect can also be performed for couples celebrating their anniversaries.

Wedding Magical Entertainment

Give your guests an extra special, awesome surprise by inviting Shawn Eric to your wedding or anniversary party. You and your guests will rave about it for years to come!